About Us

Above the Rest

ATR Commercial Flooring is doing groundbreaking work – truly unprecedented. To date we’re the only company in the nation packaging entire flooring systems. Yet at its humblest roots, ATR Commercial Flooring started with two guys in a truck.

When we began almost 20 years ago, getting our business off the ground took a leap of faith, not to mention a lot of work. With true grit and entrepreneurial spirit our company was formed and has continued to grow. From the beginning we have worked hard to provide the absolute best service and workmanship, always striving to make our customers happy.

Becoming laser-focused on commercial work has created a unique avenue for both our growth and our service offerings. Not only do we offer tile and flooring installation, but also gypsum underlayment, substrate preparation and mitigation, and floor polishing – truly a complete flooring package.

Looking Ahead to Stay Ahead

Today ATR is a 100% woman-owned business. As we look to the future, we recognize that in order to build a platform for growth, we need to have a plan in place to stay ahead of the curve. We believe this is best accomplished through innovation, technology, diversity and education. We will continue to evolve, always building and rebuilding our systems. This kind of forward thinking is what helps us stay competitive, collaborative, and truly “Above The Rest”.

Our Team

We are not just a construction company – we are a permanent home for many employees who no longer consider it “just a job”. Through the years we’ve adapted our model to create a true career path for our employees, offering additional training to our installers in both current and groundbreaking flooring technologies and safety programs. Additionally, many employees are being certified in new installation methods, products, and equipment.