I know I need new carpet…what’s the next step?

We offer free in-home measures and estimates. Give us a call at (651) 463-1240 and we’ll get you scheduled. One of our top flooring technicians will visit your home or site and will answer questions and take measurements. An estimate will be provided to you approximately one day from the initial site visit. At your request, we can send your estimate to the supplier or distributor of your choice for ease in ordering.

Should I tear-out my own carpet? It looks easy enough…

Some people find it’s not bad, and some think it’s quite the chore. We’re very flexible and can always remove tear-out and disposal from the estimate at a later time if you choose to do it yourself. Feel free to ask questions if you’re unsure…we’re glad to help!

How far out do you book on average?

Typically 2-3 weeks is average for carpet, but certain times of the year (i.e. Holidays) can see up to a month or more. It is wise to book as far in advance as possible. Also, it should be noted that some carpets take about the same amount of time to arrive. Once you know your estimated delivery date, just give us a call to schedule.

Is my invoice going to change when the install is started? Are you going to quote me lower, and then throw on a bunch of add-ons?

Unless the work requested is changed, our invoices don’t change. What you see when you schedule is what you get when we come to the site. Our prices are flat-rate and rarely change.

I received my estimate and am ready to schedule installation. Can you help?

Absolutely. Once we’ve established the estimated delivery date of your materials we can schedule your installation. Keeping in mind that delivery dates can change, it is wise to schedule well in advance of your project. Most average residential installations take about one day to install but can no longer so advance planning is key.

How do I pay? 

Payment is accepted at the end of the job once everything is complete and you’re satisfied. For your convenience, we gladly accept checks, Visa, and MasterCard

Do you warranty your work?

We offer a free 2-year warranty on all installation and workmanship services.